Integrate to personalize healthcare

Integration of health services is necessary to deliver personalized healthcare. This was the main message of the Society Personalized Healthcare (Genootschap Gepersonaliseerde Zorg) in its contribution to the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare (organized by BMJ and IHI) on Tuesday June 21 in Gothenborg, Sweden.

We have illustrated this message with several Dutch practices and had a vivid dialogue about it with the international 150+ audience. Integration is not an opaque concept, it is about bringing a team together that’s able to identify and address the health issues that are presented, it is about bringing together information that matters where it matters and it’s about redesigning care pathways to deliver upon needs, preferences and values of patients. These insights are based on member sessions of the Society (Genootschap) in its first year and the material we collected and published.

The vivid dialogue during the session and many conversations afterwards showed our message and presentation was well appreciated, giving opportunities for further collaboration.

Nico van Weert and Ralph So

Members have access to the presentation

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