Just published: Value-based healthcare’s blind spots

The value-based healthcare (VBHC) concept was first proposed as a solution to many of the ills of healthcare. Since then, we have seen the term “value” defined, used, confused, and interpreted in multiple ways. While we may disagree that competition based on value will solve healthcare’s complex challenges, value is a concept integral to the future of healthcare.  Before VBHC becomes consigned to the long list of quality improvement trends and management fads that have passed through healthcare, we call for a dialogue around the term value and the implications of its different interpretations. The intention is not just to critique, but to facilitate ongoing efforts to substantially improve healthcare in ways that are relevant and sustainable for society at large.

Een artikel van Jan Hazelzet, Johan Thor, Boel Andersson Gäre, Jan Kremer, Nico van Weert, Carl Savage and Glyn Elwyn ‘awaiting peer review‘, lees het hier (open access: gratis toegankelijk)

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